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Different Electrical Tools

While many electrical tools are available to the public, it’s not very smart to attempt to do electrical work if you are not trained. If you do, you could seriously hurt yourself. It’s just not worth the small amount of money you’ll save by not hiring an electrician, so don’t do it. Instead, have a good knowledge of what is out there, and you can watch from afar.

Electricians use a variety of tools, including wire strippers, pliers, and knives. They work with wires a lot, so they will need to strip the insulation off of copper and aluminum wires to expose the ends of the wire. This is where the connections are made. Pliers and knives have many different uses, and so most electricians have them in their pockets or on tool belts. Tape measures, wrenches, and screwdrivers are also very common items. Some not so common items include voltage testers and wire nuts. Voltage testers are made to test how much voltage is going through wires. I know, that is a hard one to remember, but if you write it down, it should be fine. But seriously, though they’re expensive items, they are very useful and make things safe for electricians. Wire nuts are little plastic pieces that allow for multiple wires to be connected into. They have tiny threads in them that lock the wires in so they can’t be pulled out.

Besides large wires, some of the heavy things that electricians deal with are pipes. They can work with PVC pipe or metallic electrical tubing. What they select depends on where they are installing the pipe. In some cases, they need to use galvanized steel pipe, which is much heavier. They are designed to allow the wire to run through them. It’s things like this that make the miracle of light and electricity possible to even very tall buildings.

There are plenty of other tools, like fuses, circuit breakers, and toggle bolts, that are commonly used in electrical applications as well. In addition to those things, there are many others. Being an electrician is not an easy job, and neither is remembering all the tools required in each situation.

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