best air impact wrench or best impact driver

Best Air Impact Wrench or Best Impact Driver – What Are The Major Differences Between Them?

When it comes to power wrenching, then you will find that there are only two options for doing this work and the tools are: impact wrench and impact driver. Before the popularity of these two tools, you will find that standard electric is used for doing the work. Drilling is not a good option for repairing and restoring the nuts, bolts, and some other equipment. You may be thinking that out of these two which one will be best for your work. If you are looking for the differences between the impact wrench and impact drivers, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss some of the major differences between the best air impact wrench and impact driver. Remember, if you want to buy them you don’t have to go to your local shop. I recommend you to read reviews first, e.g., at and then choose. It would be much better than choosing the first tool you see.

Impact wrench

air impact wrench

An impact wrench is also known as the impact gun, which delivers high torque for having maximum output. There is oil used in the tool which is known as the power source of the tool, and if you are going for the best air impact wrench, then you need to choose that product which gives the maximum power to ratio weight.

The tool uses an impact drive, which is known as the hammer, and the mechanism will provide you the maximum torque with constant speed. The hammer mechanism will drive the anvil to produce revolution and move it freely. You can also go for the air impact wrench.

Impact driver

impact driver

An impact driver is a tool which produces a strong rotational force with the forward thrust when it is struck on the back of the hammer. The tool is commonly used as a part of the mechanics, which means that it is used to loosen the larger screws and nuts and especially that one which is corrosively frozen and sometimes they are over-torque.

In some of the situations, the directions of the impact driver are reversed for performing a highly intensive task. Generally, the impact drivers made up from the heavy outer sleeve that is surrounded by the inner core. It means that the spline of the driver is curved to make sure that when the user strikes the sleeve with the help of a hammer, then it will make the work easy.

Overview for impact wrench and impact driver

Generally, the impact wrenches are bulkier, heavier, and powerful than the impact drivers. The wrench uses the square drive to fasten the speed whereas the driver uses a hex drive for driving the screws. The best part about the impact drivers is that they can be easily converted to ½ ratios. You can also go for purchasing impact drivers and the air impact wrenches online.

Torque produced by both the impact drivers and impact wrench

The impact driver is known for having one of the best powerful motors in the market, and it is able to produce 2000 in.lbs of torque in a short time. When it comes to the power of the air impact wrench motor, it provides six times the torque of the impact driver.

There are various types of products available in the market, and all of them come with different capacities, and it is up to you to choose between any of them. Impact drivers will be a good choice in that case when your drilling machine is not working, and the wrench will overkill the process as it comes with high power. For general purpose, impact wrench will not be a good choice.

Both the impact drivers and impact wrench produces maximum toques as they have the powerful motor and you can easily find them in any automobile store. When you are using the impact wrench, then you need to remember that try not to use it directly as it will not be a good decision. Try to use the hammer for removing the nut then use the impact wrench.

Always keep in mind that impact wrenches will deliver you the maximum rotation for producing high torque.

When you can use the impact driver and impact wrench?

As we discussed earlier, you will not need to impact wrench in your house for a general purpose. The best thing you can do is to use the impact driver for your home, and the weight is not heavy. If you want to use the impact wrench, then you can go for the impact wrench which will give you comfort.

In my opinion, impact drivers will be the best choice for using it at home as they are compact and will deliver the maximum torque. The best device comes with the cordless model, which will give you the best user experience, and you can choose from any of the cordless models.

How can you buy impact drivers and impact wrench?

If you are looking to buy impact driver or impact wrench, then you need to read the section carefully.

You can buy the professional tool from the automotive garages or online stores. Before you go to buy any of these two, you need to consider comparing the prices of all the various models. The most important thing you need to do before you buy the impact wrench for your home is to read all the reviews of the products. Try to go for that one which has maximum positive reviews.

There is no hard and fast rule for buying the impact wrench, and impact drivers buy you need to make sure that you don’t fall for the prices. Try to go to that product which meets your requirements. If you follow all the instructions carefully, then you can easily buy the best product without any problem.


In my opinion, impact wrenches are better than impact drivers as it provides maximum power while working. When it comes to using them at your home, then impact drivers will be the best choice. The impact driver is considered to be the practical tool, and if you are going for the best air impact wrench, then you have to consider the aspect ratio.

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